White/Cream Stocks


In all our stocks a choice is available of either Four Fold or Shaped. All Four Fold stocks (unless specifically ordered otherwise) are cut to 72 inches in length. The choice between Medium or Large only applies to the length of the narrower neck piece of a shaped stock. Our Medium Shaped stocks should fit a neck size of approximately 14" (c 35 1/2 cms) and our Large stocks a neck size of approximately 16" (c 40 1/2 cms)

If you would like a particular old stock to be copied (in a material of your choice) this we can do. Please send us the stock to be copied and we will quote a price dependant on your choice of material. A summary of the choice of materials and patterns are as follows:

White/Cream Stocks

  • Herringbone Cream Silk
  • Woven Cream Silk
  • Plain Cream Silk
  • Cream Truella
  • White Cotton Piquet
  • Plain White Cotton.

In order to view further or make your choice and purchase please click on the relevant choice below.

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